Tulsa Literary Coalition

The mission of the Tulsa Literary Coalition is to celebrate books and reading as a catalyst for reflection, exploration, and connection. We affect social change and bridge cultural, ethnic and religious divides through literature; to leverage community resources by partnering with existing nonprofit organizations to help them achieve their missions by adding a literary component to their services; to foster the love of reading and build a community of book lovers in order to distill the literary energy in Tulsa.

Meet Our Team

We won’t be satisfied until every Tulsan has discovered a mind-altering¬†book to love.

Jeff Martin

Founder/Interim Executive Director

Jeff Martin is the founder of Magic City Books and Booksmart Tulsa. He is currently board president for the Tulsa Literary Coalition and author and/or editor of four books including The Late American Novel: Writers on the Future of Books, hailed by The Atlantic as ``Funny, poignant, relentlessly thought-provoking.`` Jeff has written for publications including Publishers Weekly, Poets & Writers, Salon.com, and GOOD, among others. In 2012, Jeff was inducted into the Tulsa City-County Library Hall of Fame.

Bettina Dirks

Store Manager

Bettina studied physics and economics at Rutgers University, but we don't hold that against her. She has many years of experience as a bookstore manager and keeps Magic City Books running smoothly. She reads widely, with a special affection for nonfiction.

Pat Cawiezell

Buyer/Author Events Coordinator

Pat holds an MSEd in higher education from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a voracious and eclectic reader who first came to the Tulsa Literary Coalition as a board member. His intimate knowledge of our organization, from the perspectives of both a board member and a longtime Booksmart Tulsa supporter, serves him well in his current capacity.

Cindy Hulsey (1959-2018)


Cindy was the founding Executive Director of the Tulsa Literary Coalition and general manager of Magic City Books. She held a B.A. in English literature from the University of Tulsa and a Masters of Library and Information Studies from the University of Oklahoma. Cindy worked as a librarian at the Tulsa City County-Library for many years before joining Jeff Martin in founding Magic City Books.
Executive Board of Directors

Jeff Martin


Susan Mase

Vice President

Melissa Sartin


Jessica England


Elected Board of Directors

Mary Quinn Cooper

Scott Gregory

Sid McAnnally

Craig Rainey

Advisory Board

Blake Bailey

Michael Chabon

Patricia Chernicky

Chris Cleave

Jonathan Safron Foer

Jonathan Franzen

Hannibal Johnson

Alicia Latimer

Teresa Miller

Ann Patchett

Nancy Pearl

Sir Salman Rushdie

David Sedaris

Lane Smith

Susan Thomas

Ayelet Waldman

Daniel H. Wilson

Our Programs

The Tulsa Literary Coalition was founded in late 2015 to provide programs such as:

  • Book discussion groups that use fiction and narrative nonfiction to initiate dialog about difficult subjects, such as race, sexual identity and religious beliefs
  • Panel discussions featuring subject matter experts that use literature as a means of discussing social and cultural issues that affect our city (homelessness, racism, mental illness, poverty, etc.)
  • Lectures by local university professors that teach adults and older teens how to approach literature as art and how to get the greatest benefit from reading
  • Free consultations to existing and start-up private book groups in order to encourage and support book discussion as an important means of social connection, intellectual and emotional growth
  • Collaboration with other arts organizations in the Tulsa Arts District to create cross-discipline synergy
  • Free writing workshops that encourage self-expression and foster understanding

Thank you to our generous founding donors for supporting our mission.

Nobel Patrons $10,000 and above

  • Joanie and Tom Atkinson
  • Robin Flint Ballenger
  • Mervin Bovaird Foundation
  • Bumgarner Foundation
  • The CHANGE Fund
  • Patricia Chernicky
  • Mary Quinn Cooper and Frank Cooper
  • Gayle and Frank Eby
  • Pam and Lee Eslicker
  • George Kaiser Family Foundation
  • Laura Gonsalves
  • Cheryl and Richard Groenendyke
  • Cindy Hulsey and R. Shannon Hall
  • Teresa Knox and Ivan Acosta
  • Gwen and Steve Malcolm
  • Cinda and Mark Marra
  • Susan and Bob Mase
  • April and Sid McAnnally
  • Ruth Nelson
  • Sayuri and Dav Pilkey
  • Chris and Craig Rainey
  • Melissa and Robert Sartin
  • SemGroup Foundation
  • Jill and Bob Thomas & Susan and Bill Thomas
  • Williams Companies Foundation
  • Jane P. Wiseman and James C. Hodges
  • The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation

Pulitzer Patrons $5,000 to $9,999

  • Ellen and Steve Adelson
  • Kathleen and Bart Hall
  • Hille Foundation
  • Lauren Houston
  • LJS Revocable Trust

Newbery Patrons $1,000 to $4,999

  • Alison Anthony and Mark Wilson
  • Nancy and Paul Bizjack
  • Alisa Dougless
  • Ellen and Otto Duecker
  • Happy Bookers
  • Kathleen Gerety and James Howard
  • Peggy and Alan Hulsey
  • The Pauline Dwyer Macklanburg and Robert A. Macklanburg Jr. Foundation
  • Molly and Jeff Martin
  • Julia Meier and Thomas Ladner
  • Paul Patton
  • Pen America
  • Keri Salas
  • James Steinmeyer and David Easton
  • Elizabeth Ann and Michael Stone
  • Kathryn Thomas
  • Tulsa Artist Fellowship
  • University of Oklahoma Foundation
  • Julia and William G. Watson, II
  • LeeAnna and Jim Weaver

Additional Donors

  • Mary Ann Albritton
  • Sydney and Jim Aldag
  • Cheryl and Don Baker
  • Rebecca Ballard
  • Andy S. Bantly
  • Jim Beach
  • Aaron Bean
  • David Beebe
  • Laura Stott Bell
  • Darla Bennett
  • Sharn and Ken Bertram
  • Dennis Bires
  • Terry Blackford
  • David Blatt
  • Boomtown Tees
  • Genevieve Bowman
  • Lisa Brown
  • Lynda Brownson
  • Laurie and Terry Brumbaugh
  • Paul Bryden
  • Carol and Hugh Burleigh
  • Daniel Burnstein Trust
  • Jennifer Burton
  • Ken Busby
  • Thomas L. Byers
  • Cindy Cain
  • Susan Case
  • Patrick Cawiezell
  • Carri Clark
  • Conor Cleary
  • Lee Ann Cole
  • Mary Coley
  • Kathy and Ron Collins
  • Collins Family Trust
  • Kayla Costner
  • John Coward
  • Jayme Cox
  • Richard Cox
  • Katherine G. Coyle
  • Ellen Cummings
  • Leslie Dalton
  • Braden, Reese, and Terra Dempsey
  • Bettina Dirks
  • James Donovan
  • Kathleen Doss
  • Wendy Drummond
  • Emily Duensing and Ted Bakamjian
  • Heather Duncan
  • Jamie Elliott
  • The Ellis Family
  • Isaac Ellis
  • Jessica England
  • Linda A. Epperley
  • Donna Farrior
  • Linda and Bill Fiddler
  • Richard Fisher
  • John Fitter
  • Amanda Forman
  • Abigail Forrest
  • Julie Frank
  • Kandi Frasier
  • Ann Gaebe
  • Mindy Galoob
  • Sterling Gates
  • Shawna and Tony Gehres
  • Shirley and Steve Gidley
  • Starla and Jon Glazer
  • Sherri Goodall
  • Donna and Phillip Goswick
  • Susan Green
  • Glenna Greer
  • Ryan Haight
  • Ann Halloran
  • Nancy and Phil Hammon
  • Gretchen Hannefield
  • Bridget Harkin
  • Phyllis and Dwight Henry
  • Marion Hill
  • Mary Ann Hille
  • Amanda and Van Hodges
  • Wade Hoefling
  • Michelle Hoffman
  • Kurt Holmes
  • Morgan Holmes
  • Meredith G. Howard
  • Rebecca Howard and Joy Kelly
  • Carolyn Hudson
  • Alana Hughes
  • Alan Hulsey
  • Dan Kaiman
  • Julie Klammer
  • Walter Kosty
  • Nancy Kruckeberg
  • Mary M. Hydrick
  • Lynne Imhoff and Luiz Weksler
  • Paige Jamieson
  • Junie Janzen
  • Margaret Kelley
  • Glenda Kilmer
  • Zenia Kish
  • Shannon Kline
  • Autumn Kramer
  • Lorri Krisman
  • Langdon Publishing
  • Judy Larremore
  • M Laughlin
  • George Lee
  • Meredith Lesher
  • Danielle Macdonald
  • Charles Martin
  • J. Paige Martin
  • Rhys Martin
  • Sheila Mason
  • Bill McCloud
  • Lesley McCollough
  • Charles McGechie
  • Denis McGilvray
  • Ashley McIntosh
  • Lorrie McLaughlin
  • Fred Meyerriecks
  • Jeanetta Calhoun Mish
  • Christina Moore
  • Leslie Moore
  • Teresa Miller
  • Moore Elementary PTA in honor of LeeAnna Weaver
  • Jim Morgan
  • Jane Mudgett
  • Kay and Larry Murphy
  • Shelley Nachtigall
  • Dennis Neill
  • Megan Nesbit
  • Network for Good
  • Rebecca Holland and Ronald Nick
  • Mike Newman
  • R Nordholm
  • NeMar and Tom Noulles
  • Terry Norris
  • Patricia Nye
  • Daniel Orthwein
  • M. Beth Webb Ozmun
  • Kris Patrick
  • Nancy L. Taylor Payne
  • Alexandra Pence
  • Steve and Kristin Pickett
  • Aaron Post
  • Rosemary Powell
  • Clair Powers
  • Donna Prigmore
  • Gregory Rahal
  • Judy and Rodger Randle
  • Laura and Clifton Raphael
  • Justin Rawlins
  • Keely Record
  • Anita Rice
  • Barbara Richardson
  • Jaya Richardson
  • Amber Rieger
  • Randy Roberts
  • Marcy and Bernard Robinowitz
  • Susan K. Robinson
  • Sandra Rodolf
  • Jennifer and Thomas Rudolph
  • Donald Ryan
  • Melanie Sarver
  • Barbara Schoenhals
  • Heather Schroeder
  • Robert Sears
  • Steve and Patti Sellers
  • Lauren Sherry
  • Stephanie and Bob Shipley
  • Brenda and Daniel Sieler
  • Hannah Sieler
  • Jaime D. Skipper
  • Kevin Smokler
  • Doug Solter
  • Brogan Spears
  • Elizabeth Cook Strance
  • Susan Swatek
  • Tatiana and Gordon Taylor
  • Julie Thoben
  • Julia and Will Thomas
  • Barbara Eikner Thompson
  • Susan Todd
  • Matt Trotter
  • Anna Turner
  • Piper and Deacon Turner
  • Kayla and Scott Vaughn
  • Pam Vrooman
  • Sally Warrington
  • Dan Watson
  • Elizabeth Weatherholt
  • Gracie Weiderhaft
  • Jayme Whitson
  • Kerry A. Wiens
  • Maryjo Wimbish
  • Margaret Wolfe
  • Piper J. Wolfe
  • Michael Wright
  • Katherine Younger
  • Charlie Yount
  • Jane Zemel
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